Paul D. Dicks, KC Counsel

Paul Dicks, K.C., is counsel to the firm and has extensive corporate and commercial experience both as a litigator and solicitor.  Paul has litigated at all court levels in the province and in the Supreme Court of Canada including administrative law challenges; bankruptcies; mechanics lien and construction claims; class actions; contractual disputes; banking; minority shareholder oppression applications; wrongful dismissals; environmental law; estate law; family law; personal injury; municipal assessment appeals; interpretations of will; and debt recovery.  Paul has also acted for and advised on aboriginal and indigenous matters including reserve creation; an application to injunct the Muskat Falls Project; and a successful challenge to a band election.  He has been recognized by Best Lawyers in Canada for his work in Corporate and Commercial Litigation.

Paul is a graduate of Dalhousie Law School and Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador.  He was a Member of the Provincial Legislature for 12 years serving as Minister of Justice and Attorney General; Minister of Finance; President of Treasury Board; Minister of Mines and Energy; and Speaker of the House of Assembly.  He has served 2 terms as a Director of the Bank of Canada and is past Chair of the Boards of Directors of Newfoundland Hydro and Churchill Falls (Labrador) Corporation Limited.  Currently, he is a director of Atlantic Lottery Corporation.


Representative reported decisions include:

Aboriginal Law:

Nunatukavut Community Council Inc. v. Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro-Electric Corporation (Nalcor Energy), 2011 NLTD 44 (CanLII)

Poker v. Mushuau Innu First Nation, 2012 FC 1 (CanLII)


Administrative Law:

Saunders et al. v. Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corp. et al., 2004 NLTD 235 (CanLII)

Newfoundland and Labrador v. Canada (Minister of Transport), 2005 FC 1485 (CanLII)

Big Falls Agriculture Ltd. V Newfoundland and Labrador (Dairy Farmers), 2022 NLSC 161



In Re Hickman Equipment (1985) Ltd. (in Bankruptcy), 2003 NLSCTD 108 (CanLII)


Class Action:

Atlantic Lottery Corp. Inc. v. Babstock, 2020 SCC 19 (CanLII)


Construction Law:

RJG Construction Limited v Marine Atlantic Inc., 2019 NLCA 51 (CanLII); 2020 CanLII 17601 (SCC)

Marine Atlantic Inc. v. RJG Construction Limited, 2020 CanLII 17601 (SCC)


Construction Law

KAEFER Industrial Services Ltd. v. Vale Newfoundland & Labrador Limited, 2017 CanLII 16848 (NL SC)

Seamanning Services Limited v. Maersk, 2012 CanLII 76708 (NL SC)


Contract Law

Walsh v. TRA Company Limited, 2019 NLSC 131 (CanLII); 2019 NLSC 168 (CanLII); 2019 NLSC 167 (CanLII); 2023 NLCA 23 (CanLII)

55668 Newfoundland and Labrador Limited v. Sullivan et al.  2022 NLSC 127 (CanLII); 2021 NLSC 38


Corporate Law:

Reader et al. v. Crown Laundry and Dry Cleaning Co. et al., 1986 CanLII 3451 (NL SC)

Clearwater Fine Foods Inc. v. FPI Ltd., 2001 CanLII 32733 (NL SC)



55668 Newfoundland and Labrador Limited v. Sullivan, 2020 NLSC 33 (CanLII)


Employment law:

Murphy v. Murphy’s Transport Ltd., 1989 CanLII 4888 (NL SC)

Mifflin v. North Atlantic Refining Limited, 2017 CAnLII 48250 (NLSC)



10565 Nfld. Inc. v. Canada (A.G.), 2015 CanLII 67624 (NL SC); 2017 CanLII 25468 (NLSC)


Estate Law:

Melendy v. Drodge, 2015 CanLII 37193 (NL SC); 2016 CanLII 58393 (NL SC); 2017 NLCA 46 (CanLII)


Family Law:

Stoodley v. Stoodley, 2019 NLSC 165; 2020 NLCA 10 (CanLII); 2021 NLCA 5 (CanLII)


Landlord and Tenant.

Kenny Enterprises Ltd. v. Tilley, 2008 NLTD 108 (CanLII)


Mechanics Lien Act.

Brook Construction (2007) Inc. v. Blackwood Contractors Limited, 2015 NLCA 18


Motor Vehicle.

Barney v. Barney, 1986 CanLII 3471 (NL SC)

White v. Sheaves, 1987 CanLII 5188 (NL SC)


Municipal Assessment Appeal.

Island Realty Ltd. v. Corner Brook (City), 1987 CanLII 4994 (NL SC)
Lundrigan Group Limited v. Corner Brook (City)
, 1987 CanLII 5142 (NL SC)


Municipal taxation

A.J. Candow Ltd. v. Corner Brook (City), 1983 CanLII 2930 (NL CA)



Sharp v. Cook, 2022 NLSC 147 (CanLII)


Property Law; Summary Trial

Noton Enterprises Limited v. Philpott’s Realty Co. Limited, 2022 NLCA 38 (CanLII)


Recovery of Debt.

O’Driscoll v. Maplewood Guest Home Inc.C00668, 2013 CanLII 1534 (NL PC)

Royal Bank of Canada v. House (H.O.) Limited and House, 1986 CanLII 3430 (NL SC)


Wills: Interpretation of Will and bequest of the proceeds of insurance policy

Charles Elton, Jr. v. Kathryn Elton, 2008 NLTD 129 (CanLII)
Elton Estate v. Elton
, 2010 NLCA 2 (CanLII); 2009 NLCA 34 (CanLII)



Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador, BA (hons.), BEd  1973
Dalhousie University, Dalhousie Law School  LLB  1976