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Careers & Student Opportunities

Benson Buffett provides a challenging and rewarding environment for both new and experienced lawyers to work in. Benson Buffett also has excellent opportunities for administrative staff and legal assistants. The firm operates a comprehensive Articling Program that provides experience in a range of areas of practice. For information on career opportunities with Benson Buffett please contact Mr. David G.L. Buffett ( For administrative positions please contact Mr. Gregory Peddle. ( We are currently hiring for the following position(s)

We are currently hiring for the following position(s):

Why Choose Benson Buffett?

We are one of the larger firms in the St. John's area having lawyers with a wide variety of experience and expertise, ensuring exposure to all areas of the law. All lawyers and students use the latest technology to enhance their practice, including the latest resources for legal research. Our clients include a major chartered bank, a federal banking agency, insurance and trust companies, Newfoundland and Labrador health care institutions and facilities professional regulatory and disciplinary bodies, and publically and privately held companies. Our lawyers have litigation experience before various tribunals and all levels of Court.

Professionals Committee

Members of the Professionals Committee are David Buffett, and Frank Fowler. Students may contact them via e-mail should they have any questions concerning the articling process.

Articling Process

As is required by the Law Society rules, each student will be assigned to a Principal lawyer who will be responsible for the student's articles. There is an informal rotation for articling students, each second year student is assigned to each partner for a period of two weeks over the summer. Third year students are generally assigned to each partner for one month. This will allow each student exposure to a broad range of areas and interests. While each assignment is for a set period, students are expected to work with all lawyers as the need arises. This flexibility allows students to pursue particular areas of interest. During the articling year, client contact is encouraged, as is attendance in court. Students routinely take part in discovery proceedings as well as drafting legal documents and researching current legal issues.


Benson Buffett offers a salary competitive with other firms in the St. John's area. The firm pays for all Law Society Fees including the Bar Admission course, as well as the student's salary while attending the course. The firm also has a health plan which is open to students after a qualification period. A modest car allowance and parking permit are provided if the student uses his or her own car for firm business. Another benefit available to students is use of the firm's on-site fitness center.

Procedure for Hiring Students

Each year Benson Buffett reviews its requirements for articling students. Students generally commence articling with the firm after second year of law school and continue on with us after graduation. Students interested in articling at Benson Buffett should send their resume, along with a copy of their undergraduate and law school transcripts to the Professionals Committee prior to December 1st . The majority of interviews take place during the months of December and January. The Professionals Committee generally makes a decision immediately following the conclusion of interviews.

Articling Program

Students may commence articling in Newfoundland after second year law school. A maximum of three months of this time can be used toward their articles. Students will then complete their articles in the nine months following graduation. Students are encouraged to ascertain the specific requirements for admission to the Bar from the Law Society of Newfoundland and Labrador.


The Management Committee assesses the needs of the firm and considers the evaluations of each student throughout the articling year, to determine whether students will be hired back as Associates. The Committee makes every effort to make its decision prior to the completion of articles.

Social Programs

Benson Buffett has a number of annual social events which include the annual Christmas dinner and dance, the children's Christmas Party, and other staff and family social events throughout the year.