Benson Buffett Wins! July 9, 2019 / Announcement

Introducing the Benson Buffett softball team, your 2019 Cox and Palmer charity softball tournament champions!

Thank you to Cox and Palmer for once again hosting this great event and a big shout out to everyone who came out to participate.This Year Benson Buffett will be donating all funds raised from the tournament to the Tshelanyemba, Zimbabwe Adopt-a-Village Project.

Since 2007 Teams of Newfoundlanders have been travelling to Tshelanyemba to improve accessibility to water and assist with other humanitarian projects. One of the hallmark projects has been to gather donated goods from Newfoundland and ship them to Tshelanyemba. These goods range from life saving hospital supplies and equipment to school supplies to general household goods. Hundreds of people in Newfoundland have donated gently used items over the years, creating so many opportunities and saving so many lives in Tshelanyemba.

For more information on the Zimbabwe Adopt-a-Village Project or to help support this cause please visit: